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Count Your Nose

When in Doubt, Count your Nose

Now, I know this sounds a little strange, but think about it. If something is going on that feels intolerable in the moment, and I can’t just leave, and I don’t want to make it worse, I can just COUNT MY NOSE!

Yes, I know you only have one nose…that just makes it easier not to lose count! When you are through counting your nose, start over at 1. “Why do this?”, you may ask. Because, when we are in a very difficult situation and can’t leave it or can’t make it better in the moment, distraction is the key to stepping back from it and not just reacting to it (which often CAN make the situation worse, at least in my experience).

All that being said, the only way this will work is if you take your mind off of the judgments about what should or should not be happening at this moment and throw allllllllllll of your attention into counting your nose. It works, really! Try it!

I honestly don’t know how many people actually try this, but I do know that just thinking about Patty standing there in a difficult situation and counting her nose over and over is often enough of a silly distraction to allow people to disconnect a little from the moment that is a problem. It might even bring a smile, maybe just a half smile.

The beauty is, you can try anything once. And if it works for you, you can always try it again! Blessings to you on your journey today.

– Patty

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