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Skills for Personal Success Classes

Skills for Personal Success Classes

Skills for Personal Success Classes in Sierra Madre CA

Take some time to focus on you! Choices Counseling & Skills Center offers a 12-week social-emotional development course for adults to gain more control, focus, balance, and satisfaction in their lives. Whether emotions are getting in the way of important relationships, business or personal, or you’re finding yourself floundering in “just going through the motions”, the skills taught in these workshops can help you gain more understanding of yourself and be able to implement strategies to make deliberate choices rather than reactions.

Who should attend? This class is designed for anyone looking to improve their direction, relationships, or self understanding. Parents, teachers, caregivers, 20-somethings, 30-somethings, all can benefit from skills that can assist them in being more effective towards their personal goals and in their relationships.

What will participants learn?

Build better relationships

Navigate a bad situation without making it worse

Ask for what you want & be able to say NO effectively

Create goals for success based on your values

Improve focus and effectiveness

Enjoy yourself in the moment

What will classes be like? Each class is 2 hours long and is run much like a college course. Class size is limited so you, your classmates and your skills leaders will be able to get to know each other. Classes are held in Sierra Madre, CA, a beautiful small town just east of Pasadena. There is free parking and the location is convenient and easy to find.

Classes are ongoing, and new participants will have the opportunity to join about every 3 weeks. As some people “graduate”, others will just be starting. Many people benefit from attending for multiple rounds as they gain more mastery of the skills. There’s even an alumni discount!

When will classes start? These classes are ongoing and tailored to participants’ schedules.

What does it cost to attend? Just like a college course, there is a flat rate for the entire class. The cost for the full 12-week program is $600 per participant, plus an additional $35 for participant materials.

Additional deals and discounts

Teachers and counselors receive a 10% discount

Alumni members choosing to participate in another round of classes receive a 10% discount

Have a  couple friends or colleagues interested as well? Contact us to negotiate a group rate

How do I sign up? Fill out the form below and one of our skilled staff members will contact you shortly about enrollment and start dates!

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