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"DBT: the therapy that works. Period...I went through the program at the Choices clinic and it turned around my bipolar II induced mood swings, crying and rages in the first week. It took 6 months to learn to regulate my own emotions but now those skills go with me and work better than any cocktail of mood "stabilizers" did...These skills should be taught in every school."

"I really love trainings with Patty. It never feels like enough!"

"When I entered the DBT program nearly 2 years ago I struggled to believe that emotion regulation was possible. After attending the private and group sessions for several months I gained greater confidence in my ability to regulate my emotions as I more frequently found myself able to be in hard places without making them worse. Now, 2 years into DBT, I can honestly say that my relationship with myself and with others is no longer simply in survival mode...but thriving more so each day. I am forever grateful to the team for their contribution to my healing journey."

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