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A partnership to provide lower-cost DBT services
We've partnered with Living Success Center, a non-profit mental health agency serving Orange County for over 20 years, to provide lower-cost comprehensive Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) to those who meet inclusion criteria. This has been made possible by utilizing trained pre-licensed clinicians at a training site located within Choices' facility. Extensive training is provided to pre-licensed clinicians in order to serve this population and all proceeds benefit the parent organization, Living Success Center.

A comprehensive DBT program includes weekly individual therapy, family therapy as needed, DBT Skills Group, phone coaching, and DBT consultation team for DBT therapists and skills trainers. This allows for a team-based treatment that ensures clients are able to generalize new skills in all applicable environments.

Participation in the comprehensive DBT program requires a minimum of a 6-month commitment upon completion of a 4-week assessment period.

Clients in DBT attend weekly skills group. This is a 2-hour ongoing class where clients learn skills in the 4 DBT Skills Modules:

◆ Mindfulness - Learn to be more aware, better able to focus attention and non-judgmental in order to be more deliberate in decision-making and reduce suffering
◆ Emotion Regulation - Identify, understand, and change emotions when needed in order to be more effective in the moment and towards long-term goals
◆ Distress Tolerance - Be in a bad situation without making it worse, and tolerate things that cannot be changed
◆ Interpersonal Effectiveness - Asking for what you want and saying NO

For adolescents and children, parent involvement is required in DBT skills group.

Our counselors have completed or are completing masters or doctoral training at local graduate schools. Counselors receive weekly supervision and extensive training from highly skilled, experienced licensed professionals.

The San Gabriel Valley office offers comprehensive Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) treatment for adults, adolescents and their families. We also offer DBT-adapted or DBT-informed treatment and classes for prevention and treatment of children and their families.

We offer services that assist in treatment of situations such as:
Emotion Dysregulation & Related Behaviors
Child and Adolescent Behavior and Emotional Problems
Parent-Child Difficulties
Marital and Relationship Challenges
Stress, Depression, and Anxiety Management
Life Transitions and Changes

Contact us today to learn about this program and whether you may be a good fit. This program has inclusion and exclusion criteria based on severity of the case as well as other factors. This is a cash-only program and no insurance is accepted. Our prices are less than 50% of standard rates for similar services in other comprehensive programs.

Phone: (626) 708-0282


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