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What to expect

What should I expect in a DBT Program?

Our DBT Programs include the following activities:

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Our DBT Programs include the following activities:

1. Individual/Family Therapy (weekly) – DBT clients usually meet individually with their therapist one to two times per week for 45-minute sessions. Therapists work with you to analyze behaviors and emotions that you want to change. With the help of the therapist, you can discuss current situations in your life. Together, you will problem solve and practice choosing and applying effective skills and strategies.

2. Skills Training Groups (weekly) – These skills groups teach you the strategies you need in order to reach your goals as well as offer you social support and the opportunity to see how others incorporate DBT into their lives.

3. Telephone Coaching (as needed) Dialectical Behavior Therapy is all about learning new skills to use when things get tough. Sometimes, though, when a situation arises, you may have trouble knowing which skills to use in order to keep the situation or your emotions from getting out of hand. For those times, you can call your therapist for coaching. The therapist will help you identify and practice skills that will be useful in the moment to be effective.

4. Consultation Team (for DBT Therapists and Skills Trainers) A comprehensive Dialectical Behavior Therapy program is a community of therapists treating a community of clients. Weekly consultation provides therapists and skills trainers with ongoing support to improve their skills, seek guidance for skills application, practice their own DBT skills and maintain a dialectical stance between acceptance and change.

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